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Talking about the complexity of cable field service

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  The use of power cables is quite variable. It may be used in barren oilfield bases deep in the desert, or in coal mines, new chemical plants and power plants in the Gobi Desert, new high-speed rail lines in the wild, and new openings in mountainous areas. mines and hydropower stations. Most of the cable laying is located outdoors, generally using direct burial, bridge, cable trench, tunnel and other laying methods. Due to the harsh field environment in deserts, underground mines, Gobi Desert, and mountainous areas, electric power technicians who go to these areas to provide on-site services should not only fully prepare the various equipment and spare parts required for the work, but also need to be aware of the on-site environment. Fully understand and understand the severity of the evil, and do a good job in your own security defense.

  For high-altitude iron tower lines in mountainous areas, sometimes electric service personnel are required to climb up the high-altitude wires to weld and repair the single wire of the wires. Before the technicians put on the wires, they must check whether various safety measures are in place, and wear seat belts and helmets. Carry and fix the welding gun gas tank and spare parts materials used for welding and repairing to ensure the safe and high-quality completion of the welding and repairing work of high-altitude wires.

  The height of the bridge used for laying cables on site is often more than six to seven meters. If there is a problem with laying cables on the overhead cable tray. Service personnel are often required to wear safety belts on the bridge to assist users in high-altitude line inspection and processing, and this service often has certain risks. Therefore, it is necessary to do safety protection work before going to the bridge, wear seat belts and helmets to prevent accidental injuries during high-altitude operations.

  The occurrence of cable faults is subtle and sudden, and may occur at night or during holidays. The time for service personnel to travel to the site for customer service is uncertain. At the same time, the location and emergency repair services of faulty cable lines may be carried out during the day or at night. Therefore, power service personnel must have hard-working professionalism, good physical fitness, and rich field work experience. High-precision multi-function cable fault detection equipment is also increasingly becoming a must for field service work. High-quality on-site cable fault location services not only win precious repair time for users, but also reduce economic losses on the user side. And it has also won users and markets for cable manufacturers.

  In the process of laying long-distance cables (more than two kilometers in length), the sheath is scratched due to construction, and the service that needs to be repaired on site is actually a very difficult job. Sometimes the cable repair area may be located in the mountains or valleys, where there is no power supply, and tools such as generators, plastic welding guns, utility knives, etc. are required to be repaired on-site for several days. At the same time, during the on-site operation, service personnel may also need to consider protection from various wild animals in nature and sudden floods and mudslides in mountainous areas. Therefore, when providing power services in these harsh areas, service personnel must understand the local conditions in advance, make various preparations and security defenses, and ensure the safe return of personnel while ensuring high-quality customer service.

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