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A new generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating cables

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  1. Public buildings

  Public buildings generally refer to buildings in the fields of office, tourism, science, education, culture, health, and communications. The area of public buildings usually accounts for 1/3 of the building area in a city. One of the characteristics of public buildings is that most of them have a tall space. In this space, the crowd activity area, that is, the work area, is only about 1.8m, which accounts for a small proportion of the height of the space. When using the traditional convection heating method, most of the heat is consumed in the non-working area, resulting in poor heating effect and low heating efficiency. The ground radiant heating, with its good heating effect and heating efficiency, has won it as the preferred energy-saving heating method in public buildings all over the world. Practice has proved that in offices that use 8 hours a day and public buildings with low utilization rates, heating cables are used for heating, and the energy saving is more significant due to intermittent heating.

  2. Residential buildings

  The low-temperature radiant heating of the heating cable not only has a good heating effect, but also has a high heating efficiency, and the far-infrared rays of 8-13μm that it emits during work make the human body feel comfortable and warm. Coupled with the characteristics of household installation, convenient, clean, hygienic, no water, no fear of freezing, environmental protection, controllable, and no need to invest in pipes, pipe trenches, boiler rooms, etc., more and more people, especially in the independent house. It is widely used in single-family villa construction. Buildings heated in this way not only save energy, but are also called "comfortable buildings" and "healthy buildings".

  3. Snow melting on the road

  When the road in front of the house has a large slope, when it snows or freezes in winter, it will be difficult and dangerous for the vehicle to go up and down the slope. Then this difficulty and danger will be effectively resolved. In Harbin, my country, heating cables have been laid in the ramp of Wenchang overpass with a gradient of 4%, and good results have been achieved. The use of heating cable snow melting technology on airport runways has been relatively extensive and mature.

  4. Pipeline insulation

  The use of heating cables for heat preservation of oil and water pipelines is also a unique feature of heating cables.

  5. Soil Heating System

  It is also a good choice to use a heating cable to heat it to ensure that the turf is evergreen in order to ensure the normal use of the shaded court in the severe winter. The effect of heating the soil with heating cables in the greenhouse is also very good, which can effectively increase the ground temperature and promote the growth and development of plant roots.

  6. Eaves and roofs melt snow and ice

  When the snow melts in the northern region, the eaves often hang ice. Sometimes it is more than one meter long and weighs more than ten kilograms. It is very dangerous to break and fall. For this reason, heating cables are installed on the roof and eaves. Snow melting and ice melting system can effectively prevent ice and snow harm caused.

  7. Bathroom floor heating system

  In the non-heating area and the non-heating season in the heating area, the bathroom is cold and humid, and heating is very important. Using the heating cable floor heating system to heat the bathroom will make you feel warm, clean, hygienic, comfortable, warm and more humane. This is also the reason why the majority of users take the lead in adopting the heating cable low-temperature radiant heating system in the bathroom.

  The heating cable can also be used in the following occasions:

  Buildings: heating for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, office buildings, shopping malls, gymnasiums, halls, factories, garages, duty rooms, guard posts, etc.; antifreeze heating for garages, warehouses, storage, cold rooms, etc.; heating for concrete construction in winter With fast drying and solidification; also used for heating in public bathrooms, hot yoga, sauna rooms, massage rooms, rest rooms, swimming pools, etc. Adapt to various environments, save energy and high efficiency, and significantly reduce the use and maintenance costs. The use of far-infrared heat radiation not only meets the temperature requirements, but also has the effect of health care treatment; melting snow and ice to prevent freezing, outdoor stairs, pedestrian bridges, building roofs, gutters, drainage pipes, parking lots, driveways, airport runways, highways, Melting snow and ice in outdoor venues such as ramps and bridge decks.

  Power facilities: power towers, cables, equipment, etc. are protected against freezing and rain disasters, freezing and damage; preventing hidden dangers caused by snow and freezing, improving safety; ensuring the normal operation of power facilities.

  Industrial facilities: pipeline insulation of oil pipelines, water supply pipelines, fire pipelines, etc., tank insulation, antifreeze and thermal insulation of oil, electricity and other open air and equipment. Ensure the normal operation and use of pipelines, tanks and equipment; portable heating: heating in train compartments (replacing electric heaters), portable heating in movable mobile board rooms and light-weight rooms; energy-saving, high thermal efficiency, portable heating, easy to remove and move.

  Agricultural facilities: greenhouses, greenhouses, etc. Soil heating and environmental heating in planting environments, breeding and brooding insulation in farms, pig farms, and aquariums, etc. Ensure the temperature required for planting and breeding, maintain a good environment, promote the growth of plants and animals, and improve the survival rate

  Sports facilities: swimming pool floor heating and pool water insulation, gymnasium, football field open-air lawn antifreeze. It can increase the ground temperature, increase the comfort of the environment, and protect the long-term growth of the lawn.

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