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European standard power cord is a wire that transmits current

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  1. Generally, the current transmission method of the European standard power cord is point-to-point transmission. Power cords are divided into AC AC power cords and DC DC power cords according to their purpose. Generally, AC power cords are wires that pass high-voltage AC power. Because of their high voltage, these wires require uniform standards to obtain safety certification before they can be officially produced. The DC line basically passes the direct current with a lower voltage, so the safety requirements are not as strict as the AC line, but for safety reasons, countries still require unified safety certification.

  2. The terminal block is a kind of socket, which is a multi-hole socket formed by putting multiple sockets together. Simply put, the terminal block socket refers to a multi-hole socket with a power cord and a plug that can be moved, and is a common name for a power converter.

  3. Whether it is the ground wire (lightning wire) of the American standard power cord or the Australian power cord, it is a wire used to introduce current into the earth; when electrical equipment leaks or the voltage is too high, the current enters the earth through the ground wire. The neutral line is the line drawn from the neutral point on the secondary side of the transformer. It forms a loop with the phase line to supply power to the electrical equipment. Normally, the neutral line is repeatedly grounded at the neutral point of the secondary side of the transformer and the ground line, which plays a double role. Protective effects. The structure of the power cord is not very complicated, but it should not be simple from the surface to see through it at once. If you study the power cord well, in some places you still need to understand the structure of the power cord professionally. The structure of the power cord mainly includes an outer sheath, an inner sheath, and a conductor. Common transmission conductors include copper and aluminum metal wires.

  The outer sheath of the European standard power cord is also called the protective sheath. It is the outermost layer of the power cord. This outer sheath plays a role in protecting the power cord. The outer sheath has powerful characteristics, such as resistance to High temperature, low temperature resistance, resistance to natural light interference, good winding performance, long service life, and environmental protection of materials. The inner sheath, which is also called an insulating sheath, is an indispensable intermediate structural part of the power cord. As the name implies, the main insulation sheath is insulation to ensure the safety of the power cord and prevent the copper wire from being separated from the air. There will be any leakage phenomenon, and the material of the insulating sheath should be soft to ensure that it can be well embedded in the middle layer. Copper wire, copper wire is the core part of power cord. Copper wire is mainly the carrier of current and voltage. The density of copper wire of European standard power cord model will directly affect the quality of power cord. The material of the power cord is also an important factor for quality control, and the quantity and flexibility of the copper wire are also one of the factors to be considered. The inner sheath, the inner sheath, is a layer of material that wraps the cable between the shielding layer and the core, usually polyvinyl chloride plastic or polyethylene plastic. There are also low-smoke and halogen-free materials. Use in accordance with the process regulations, so that the insulating layer will not come into contact with water, air or other objects, and avoid moisture and mechanical damage to the insulating layer. Function performance. Although the power cord is only an accessory for home appliances, it plays a vital role in the use of home appliances. If the power cord is broken, the entire appliance cannot be used. Household power cords should adopt BVV2×2.5 and BVV2×1.5 type wires. BVV is the national standard code and is a copper sheathed wire. 2×2.5 and 2×1.5 represent 2-core 2.5 square millimeters and 2-core 1.5 square millimeters, respectively. In general, 2×2.5 is used as the main line and trunk line, and 2×1.5 is used as a single electrical branch line and switch line. Single-phase air-conditioning dedicated line uses BVV2 × 4, and a dedicated ground wire is also provided.

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